VIP EXCLUSIVE: Is Amy Varela Robin Thickes Mistress?

Amy Varela simply wanted to enjoy herself and network at a charity event hosted by Mario Lopez at SUITE in Jacksonville, Florida but meeting RB singer Robin Thicke put a damper on her night. Now you would think meeting the crooner would be a positive experience and for her it wasuntil he made the moves on her!

Varela, who was at the event on behalf of her company Manikin Models, approached Thicke after noticing a huge crowd formulating around him. When she approached him she really had no idea who this guy was.

Varela told exclusively, I approached him, and introduced myself as Amy, and wanted to know what all the buzz was about. He told me he was as singer and that his name was Robin Thicke. I then told him that I had heard of him, and I gave him props for working hard in the industry. He asked me what I did, and I told him that I owned an agency and that I was a former model for Playboy.

During her chat with Thicke, Amy said that Robin was totally at ease, saying he wanted to get me drunk, and that I was the most beautiful girl he had seen in a while. He was very relaxed and flirty. He definitely was not on the radar that evening.

But oh noit didnt stop there!

Amy continued, He proceeded to tell me how sexy I was, and that he didnt want to leave Jacksonville. We danced and had an enjoyable time drinking, partying, etc, of course because it was harmless to me at the time. He asked my partner to take a photo with me, so we did.

The interesting part of all of this is Thicke didnt seem to care who saw him hitting on Amy. Amy explained the clubs atmosphere. The VIP section was crowded, but you could still move around and chat with everyone. I would say 50 people were in the section, she said.

An eyewitness who saw the incident go down told, Robin was all over this Angelina Jolie look-alike and was literally touching her breasts, rubbing his hands up and down her body and seemingly a newly single man.

The problem is, the guy ISNT single. And that is something Amy wasnt aware of.

In fact she didnt find out until the next day when she showed her friend the photo that was taken of her and Thicke together that Thick is married to actress Paula Patton and has a child named Julian. She explained, I showed her the photo, and in a jokingly manner, said, Guess who was hitting on me pretty hard last night? You shouldve heard what this guy was saying, and I didnt even know who he was! I showed her the photo, and she was shocked. She said, didnt you know he was married, and that he just had a child? I felt horrible.. and then it all made sense why he wanted no communication with me. I didnt want to look like the groupie girl, or an easy girl, and thats what I felt like after. He is so verbal online and in print on what he wouldnt do to his wife.. Well, if he did it to me, imagine who hes actually hooked up with on the road. I think only douchebags do what he did. I have no respect for men like that.

Damn! Robin is one of those guys I thought was a family man as he always talked about his family so lovingly. Cripes, his dad is Alan freakin Thicke from Growing Pains but I guess some guys are just full of surprises.

So is this beautiful woman just trying to make it big or is she wanting to out Mr. Thicke?

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