Anthony Kiedis cried during Justin Bieber’s Movie.

Anthony Kiedis is a Belieber

Big bad rocker Red Hot Child Peppers frontman Anthony Kiedis is a Belieber? You freakin bet.

In a recent revelation Kiedis said that he DID watch Justin Biebers Never Say Never flick while in flight, but it was during that documentary that something special happened to him.

Details below.

Anthony shed a tearmore like Anthony shed many a salty water drops from his eyeballs. During the in flight showing of Never Say Never, Kiedis admitted that it was during the desperate fans scenes that really made the flick hard to bear. And get this, Rick Rubin was also in on the tear shedding.

Kiedis tells Q magazine, I sat on an airplane recently, coming from Hawaii to Los Angeles, with Rick Rubin just across the aisle, watching the Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. I cried twice during that film and I want the world to know that! They were doing this very cheesy giveaway of concert tickets to 16-year-old girls. The cheesiness didn’t matter it was the reaction of the kids. When you saw those little girls crying deliriously, I lost it. I decided to tell Rick afterwards and he said, ‘I was also sobbing during that point in the movie.’ There you have it.

See, even big bad rockers have Bieber fever moments. AwwwwwRelated Posts Plugin for WordPress, Blogger...


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